Marilyn at 90

Marilyn Monroe is delighted to know there are men in a pub in Burnley sipping their pints, sucking their teeth, and discussing her relative merits.

“Now there was a woman,” one of them says. “A real American girl.” Two of them nod, one of them blinks, and one of them goes to the bar. And now – independently – they’re all thinking of the first time they saw her in Playboy. The shock of it all and (best of all!) the memory of what they did next.

What they did next, in a general sense, wouldn’t win any prizes for glamour. But not everyone can be a famous beauty; some people just aren’t born to shine. And how dull would life be if everyone did, thinks Marilyn. We need the salt as well as tequila and triple sec, and lemon or lime juice (to taste).

Today is Marilyn Monroe’s 90th birthday

Author’s note:

This started out as a poem in my head one morning, which is why the lines have similar rhythms – try reading it to the rhythm of Disobedience. But as I’m not a poet, I converted it into prose.

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